Recycling Facilities

Used to efficiently sort and recover materials from mixed waste streams in recycling facilities handling legacy waste, refuse-derived fuel (RDF), municipal solid waste (MSW), and mixed dry waste.

Construction and Demolition Sites

Utilized on construction and demolition sites to separate and recover valuable materials from mixed debris, including metal, glass, plastics, textiles, and inert materials.

Waste Management Plants

Integrated into waste management plants for processing various waste streams, such as low-density materials (plastics, paper), high-density materials (textiles, glass, inert), and metals.

Material Recovery Facilities
Employed in Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) for efficient sorting and recovery of recyclable materials from single-stream or commingled waste collection systems.


Construction Industry

Used in construction as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional materials like concrete and wood for various applications, including building facades, flooring, roofing, and structural components.


Utilized in manufacturing processes for creating durable, lightweight, and sustainable products such as automotive components, furniture, consumer goods, and industrial equipment.

Infrastructure Development

Integrated into infrastructure projects for constructing bridges, roads, and other public works with materials that are more environmentally friendly and long-lasting.

Environmental Remediation

Applied in environmental remediation projects to create barriers, containment structures, and erosion control solutions using recycled materials.


Commercial & Residential Buildings

Integrated into the building facades, walls, and roofs of commercial and residential structures to generate clean and renewable electricity while providing architectural aesthetics.

Urban Landscapes

Used in urban landscapes for energy-efficient pavement solutions, wall tiles, and other applications, contributing to sustainable urban development and reduced energy consumption.

Renewable Energy Projects

Incorporated into renewable energy projects, such as solar farms and energy-efficient installations, to enhance energy generation while actively reducing carbon emissions.

Green Building Construction

Employed in green building construction projects to achieve sustainable and energy-efficient designs with carbon-negative building materials.

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